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Bill Allerton


Bill Allerton  lives, sleeps, drinks, writes and worries in his native city of Sheffield - where he currently has too much work in progress.


His involvements include (at least);


The collation and production of a photographic, musical and poetic journey through the Five Weirs Walk, a creation of Sheffield City Council.


In response to a lack of ‘cross-fertilisation’ between increasingly insular writers groups, the creation of NETWORX, a literary organisation that drew together diverse groups from across the whole of the region. This was based for six years in Doncaster and match-funded by Yorkshire Arts. As a direct result of their involvement with NETWORX, a group of writers went on to create the Rotherham Literary Festival.


Short story in the winning Fish Prize Anthology and subsequent reading at the West Cork Literary Festival.


Various science fiction pieces for online magazines


The dubious honour of coming second in a ‘Song Writing’ competition with a poem!


The production of eight short stories for local BBC Radio and one story performed by Bryony King on Radio Gloucester.


Involvement in the adaptation and presentation of his prize-winning (Fish Anthology) short story, ‘To Kill a Wish’ at The Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield as part of the New Playwrights season.


In 2004, the complete production of a book of short stories and narrative poems for children, created in response to suggestion re plot and character by the children of Y2 at Sharrow School in Sheffield. Consumable resources funded by Sheffield Local Education Authority. (several weeks of life contributed by Bill!)


Bill’s first published novel, ‘The Fox & The Fish’ has received extremely favourable reviews.

Another novel, ‘Mekanismo’, the subject of which is ‘The Antikythera Mechanism’, will be published shortly, along with a collection of short stories.


Bill lives in Sheffield, which is seventy-one miles from the sea in any direction.

He has a boat.


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