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Berlie Doherty & Carys Bray


Discuss the finer points of their newly released novels as part of the Sheffield Festival of Words

Bryony Doran


reads 'The Slighted Piper' from her latest short story collection, 'The Sand Eggs', published by Hookline Books.

Bill Allerton

reads 'The Comer', first broadcast on BBC Radio Sheffield and other local networks.

Martin Bragger


This is my mate Martin at his very best. His work has been recorded by Tony Christie and Richard Hawley and he is without a doubt one of the finest singer/songwriters I have ever come across.

This song is about his dad's Aunt Carrie, 'Cal' in the song, who, during the war, adopted a clutch of four brothers who came to love her dearly, and in the event lost them.


Click the button to listen to 'Cal'.

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