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Rony Robinson


Sheffield born of Welsh heritage, Rony is a writer, teacher, broadcaster and father. He also pretends to be 37.


His most successful work is the novel/radio play/theatre play/opera/musical, ‘The Beano’ (published by Faber), which tells of a northern brewery’s works outing to Scarborough just before the Great War, and has been published/performed everywhere.


He wrote ‘Last Loves’ for Radio 4 with Sally Goldsmith, his own last love, and they won Sony Awards and prizes galore for it.


He has presented Radio Sheffield's morning show for thirty unbroken years, without a mistake, and was in a short list of five this year for the Sony/Radio Academy Award for the nation's best speech broadcaster, alongside Melvyn Bragg and Jane Garvey.


'Ray Hearne’, the poet and song writer who features in Rony’s story, is Ray Hearne the poet and song writer who ran the famous radio poetry classes on his programme.


Rony’s three children, Goronwy, Eleanor and Megan, are all involved in performance and teaching.


Rony plays the Autoharp, has a dog ‘Jack’, and a cat ‘Tempuss’, and has never married.

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